Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Status of South Dakota Snakes

The following species of snakes are protected in South Dakota or may have special concerns.

  • State Endangered—lined snake

  • State Threatened—eastern hognose snake

  • Species of Special Concern: ringneck snake, fox snake, red milk snake, water snake, smooth green snake, brown snake, redbelly snake.

** Of the 17 reported snakes in South Dakota, only one species is venomous—the prairie rattlesnake.

Data showing current distribution and populations of some South Dakota snakes are sparse. Several species have been found at only a few sites.

In some cases, it is not known if the species still exist in the areas in which they were previously reported. Further field collecting and studies of some species are needed to determine their current status. Range maps showing the reported distribution for the various snakes are shown with each species. The public is encouraged to contact the Game, Fish, and Parks Natural Heritage Program at (605) 773-4345 with information or new location sightings for the various species found outside of the areas shown on the range maps.

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