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List of snakes of Trinidad and Tobago

This is a list of snakes which have been recorded in Trinidad and Tobago. Forty-seven species have been recorded - forty-four in Trinidad and twenty-one in Tobago, making the snake population of this area by far the most diverse in the Caribbean. Many of these species are South American, most of which are present in Venezuela.

Cascabel Dormillon or Cook's Tree Boa (Corallus ruschenbergerii), Caroni Swamp, Trinidad.
Trinidad and Tobago consists of two main islands, Trinidad and Tobago, and several smaller islands. The "Bocas Islands", which lie between Trinidad and Venezuela, in the Bocas del Dragón (Dragons' Mouth), consist of Chacachacare, Monos, Huevos and Gaspar Grande. Several smaller islands lie off Trinidad, but snakes have only been recorded on one of them, Caledonia Island. Snakes have only been recorded on one island off Tobago, Little Tobago.
Only four species are venomous - two Coral Snakes (Micrurus spp.), the Fer-de-lance (Bothrops atrox) and the Bushmaster (Lachesis muta). The Common Coral is found on one of the Bocas Islands (Gaspar Grande). No venomous snakes occur in Tobago.

Family Leptotyphlopidae

SpeciesCommon nameTrinidadTobagoBocas Is.Other
Leptotyphlops albifronsGround PuppyX

Family Typhlopidae

SpeciesCommon nameTrinidadTobagoBocas Is.Other
Helminthrophis sp. Yellow-headed Ground PuppyX

Typhlops brongersmianusBurrowing SnakeX

Typhlops trinitatus Trinidad Burrowing SnakeXX

Family Aniliidae

SpeciesCommon nameTrinidadTobagoBocas Is.Other
Anilus scytale scytale Burrowing False Coral; RouleauX

Family Boidae

SpeciesCommon nameTrinidadTobagoBocas Is.Other
Boa constrictor constrictorMacajuel, Boa ConstrictorXXX
Corallus ruschenbergeriiCascabel Dormillon; Cook's Tree BoaXX

Epicrates cenchria maurusRainbow BoaXXX
Eunectes murinas gigasHuille, AnacondaX

Family Colubridae

Subfamily Xenodontinae

SpeciesCommon nameTrinidadTobagoBocas Is.Other
Clelia clelia cleliaBlack Cribo, MussuranaX
Erythrolamprus aesculapii False CoralX

Erythrolamprus bizonaFalse CoralX

Erythrolamprus ocellatus Tobago False Coral, Red Snake

Helicops angulatusWater Mapepire, Brown-banded Water SnakeX

Hydrops triangularis neglectusWater CoralX

Liophis cobellus cobellusMangrove Snake, Mangrove MapepireX

Liophis melanotus nesos Beh Belle Chemin, Doctor SnakeXXX
Liophis reginae zweifeliHigh Woods CoralXX

Oxyrhopus petola petolaFalse CoralXX

Pseudoboa neuwiediiRatonelXXX
Siphlophis cervinusCheckerbellyX

Thamnodynastes sp.Striped Swamp SnakeX

Tripanurgos compressusMapepire De Fe, False CoralX

Subfamily Dipsadinae

SpeciesCommon nameTrinidadTobagoBocas Is.Other
Atractus trilineatusThree-lined Ground SnakeXX?
Atractus cf. univittatus Tobago One-lined Snake

Dipsas variegata trinitatis Snail-eating SnakeX

Imantodes cenchoa cenchoaMapepire Corde Violon, Fiddle-string SnakeXX

Leptodeira annulata ashmeadiFalse Mapepire, Cat-eyed Night SnakeXXX
Ninia atrataRed-nape Snake, Ring Neck SnakeXX

Sibon nebulata nebulataClouded SnakeXXX

Subfamily Colubrinae

SpeciesCommon nameTrinidadTobagoBocas Is.Other
Chironius carinatus carinatusMachete Savane, Yellow MacheteX

Chironius multiventris septentrionalisLong-tailed Machete SavaneX

Chironius scurrulus Smooth Machete SavaneX

Drymarchon corais coraisYellow-tailed CriboXXX
Leptophis ahaetulla coeruleodorusLora, Parrot SnakeXX

Leptophis stimsoni Grey LoraX

Mastigodryas boddaerti boddaertiMachete CouesseX
Mastigodryas boddaerti dunni Machete Couesse
Oxybelis aeneusHorsewhipXXX
Pseustes poecilonotus polylepisDos CocoriteX

Pseustes sulphureus sulphureusYellow-bellied Puffing SnakeX

Spilotes pullatus pullatusTigre, TigroXX

Tantilla melanocephalaBlack-headed SnakeXXX

Family Elapidae

SpeciesCommon nameTrinidadTobagoBocas Is.Other
Micrurus lemniscatus diutiusCommon Coral SnakeX
Micrurus circinalisLarge Coral SnakeX

Family Viperidae

SpeciesCommon nameTrinidadTobagoBocas Is.Other
Bothrops atroxMapepire Balsain, Fer-de-lanceX

Lachesis muta mutaMapepire Zanana, Mapepire Z'Ananas, BushmasterX

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