Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Snakes - 20 Facts

Below are some interesting facts that you may or may not have known about snakes:

Ameythist Python Snakes
  • Geographic location forced snakes to evolve and change on their own
  • It is thought that snakes evolved from lizards
  • Snakes live in oceans, trees and on the land
  • Snakes are both predators and prey
  • � of all snakes have venomous fang

Giant Python Snakes
  • 70% of all snakes hatch from eggs
  • Snakes vary greatly in size and weight, although they have the same basic body structure
  • Snakes have no limbs
  • The King Cobra is the largest of all venomous snakes, and actually eats other snakes
  • Snakes taste odours in the air with their tongues

Snakes Snakes
  • When snakes strike they have a near 100% success rate
  • Snakes can expand the capacity of their jaws due to an elastic jaw ligament
  • Snakes have poor eyesight, and so have heat censors that can pick up vibrations
  • Snakes can tell the difference between temperature changes and body heat from prey using these censors
  • Night snakes contract their iris to a slit during light, due to light sensitivity
  • The eye of the snake goes milky just before they shed their skin
  • Once the skin is shed the snakes' skin doesn't actually have a colour
  • There are seven families of snake throughout Australia
  • The most common snake family in Australia is the Elapidae
  • The most deadly snakes found in Australia include Brown Snakes, Copperheads, Death Adders, Red-Bellied Black Snakes, Taipan Snakes and Tiger Snakes

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