Sunday, January 2, 2011


Species:Racer(Coluber constrictor)

Adults 30"–60" in length. Color uniform brown,olive or grayish in adults; dark blotches onlighter background in juveniles. Slender bodywith smooth scales. Divided anal plate.

Below 6000 feet in eastern Colorado; below5500 feet in western valleys.In westernColorado, this snake inhabits semidesertshrublands and lowland riparian habitats andadjacent areas in valleys and canyon bottoms, insome areas ranging into rocky pinon-juniperwoodlands bordering valley bottoms.

The racer is a wide-ranging predator thatsearches for small animals and sometimesemploys quick bursts of speed to capture them. Racersfeed opportunisticallyon smallmammals, birds, (including those obtained fromnests in trees or shrubs), snakes, lizards,hatchling turtles, amphibians, and large insects.

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