Thursday, December 30, 2010

Most Venomous Cobras in the World

Forest Cobra (N. melanoleuca)

Forest cobra is a large, thick-bodied, black snake from the tropical and subtropical rain forests of Western, Central, Eastern and Southern Africa. Considered by some to be the least dangerous of the African (Naja) Cobras, the bite of this snake, however, can be rapidly fatal without prompt intervention.

Monocled Cobra (N. kaouthia)

Monocled cobra is the second most common cobra species and is widespread in Asia. It has a circular mark behind the hood unlike that of the spectacled Cobra. This cobra can be found in Bangladesh, Myanmar, Cambodia, NE India, Laos, N Malaysia, Southern China, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Black-necked Spitting Cobra (N. nigricollis)

This species of cobra is native to Egypt. The spitting cobra is capable of ejecting its venom from a distance of about 2.4 m or about 8 ft into the eyes of its victims. The venom causes temporary or permanent blindness and great pain. Despite their name, these snakes do not actually spit their venom. They spray the venom, using muscular contractions upon the venom glands.

Cape Cobra (N. nivea)

The Cape Cobra is a moderately sized cobra inhabiting the arid regions of Southern Africa. It averages 4 feet (120cm) long but may grow to be 6 feet (180cm) long. The mortality rate in humans is 60% and death normally occurs 2-5 hours after being bitten and is usually as a result of respiratory failure due to the onset of paralysis. The snake is quick to strike and becomes aggressive if cornered, but given its space it is likely to retreat. It has the most potent venom of all African cobras. It is probably the snake with the highest fatality count in the Southern parts of South Africa.

Chinese Cobra (N. atra)

The Chinese cobra is a species of cobra that lives in areas of Southeast Asia. The average adult length of a Chinese cobra is about 1.5 m, or five ft. They are usually dark brown or black, with widely spaced, lightly-colored bands around the body. Like other cobras, Chinese cobras have a marking resembling an eye on the back of the hood. The venom of the Chinese cobra is a powerful cobrotoxin b.

Central Asian Cobra (N. oxiana)

Central Asian Cobra is a species of venomous snake found in Central Asia. Like other cobras, this large snake spreads its “hood” as a warning to other animals. When alarmed, it rears up and widens its neck skin by altering the position of its ribs.

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