Saturday, May 16, 2009

Indian Red Sand Boa

Indian Red Sand Boa by kamalnv / Ophiographer.

Indian sand boas scales have small litters, typically 4-10 babies in each. Babies are born red with black stripes. As the snakes age, the stripes fade and the orange becomes brown. There are a few lines that retain the orange.

It's Red sand boa...part of Boa's family its a constrictor snake and non venomous. Pretty young one hence the they grow they loose the red to gain brownish..

Probably the only snake which can dig in the sand...that's why the front tip of the nose is so hard...acts like a shovel...


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  2. how to increases the weight of an indian brown sand Boa

  3. i came to know in news tat red sand boa snake is been sold for many lakhs is it true

  4. hi avenger .... what u say is true. a sand boa weighing 4.5 kgs is sold for more than a crore...

  5. is the breath of the snake harmful a/c to the local myth?

  6. no the breath of snake is not harmful!

  7. Please have mercy on the wild life and take measures to save these creatures. So many of them already endangered, we do not want these to be left to the mercy of people selling for fat money. Leave them to nature if you find the snakes and be the rescuers instead of hunters.

  8. it is old indian myth or u can say believe, that crores of rs can be generated through the sand boa and turtles also...
    this is totally wrong...
    pls dont kill or capture sand boa or other animals for the sake of money.....